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We are here to hook you up! We are very excited with our products and how they can help you maximize your EPFX/SCIO/iNDIGO sessions!

We at BioTrode™ have taken notice of the many disparities with the conventional harness set and we have taken the design to another level.

As you know, The EPFX is connected to your client via a headband and wrist and ankle straps which in turn sends electromagnetic signals to the body.

Well, we took a hard look at the conventional accessories and made a team decision to reinvent the wheel; so it is said. Have you ever felt a tingle?

So begins our Journey to Wellness...

We at BioTrode™ have found the most advanced conductive rubber available that insures the highest quality of frequency that Prof. Nelson intended the EPFX/SCIO/iNDIGO to deliver.

Head Strap Predicament:

Conventional head bands are often hot during usage. More experienced practitioners may recall the EMF burns associated with the headband electrodes. This burning is related to the wiring technique and rubber degradation.

We were then instructed to place an insulator such as a tissue between the face and headband to reduce EMF burn and then a later thought was to use the tissue for sanitary reasons.

With respect to the headband, the oils from the face cause the electrodes develop a gummy texture feeling which implies the total break down of conduction quality and consequently requires replacement.

Head Strap Solution:

We have chosen a webbing material for the headband that allows breathing of the skin and is lighter in weight. BioTrode™ Rubber Electrodes are wider and thicker to maximize delivery and wired in such a way to make them balanced.

Therefore, there are no hot spots that can lend to EMF burning. BioTrode™ Rubber is oil resistant! And Wow! A 10' cable to allow greater distance between practioners and client as well as ease of movement.

Limb Strap Predicament:

We found the conventional limb straps that we were accustomed to have proven to be cumbersome in usage.

Conventional limb straps have a buckle that can be time consuming to attach and un-attach if the client needs to get out of the chair for some reason. Customers complained about the plastic buckle breaking.

The quality of rubber allows oils from the skin to absorb into it lending to premature break down in conductive qualities.

Additionally, the steel rivets rust and will cause EMF burns to the skin. The steel rivet that will rust underneath where contact is made with the rubber results in a broken contact were signals may be diminished slightly; or not transmitted or received at all!

You must ask yourself "have I or am I currently working in subspace"? Failure is immanent the question is when?

Limb Strap Solution:

BioTrode™ Limb Straps are 15" of superior conductive rubber (Oil Resistant) with a Velcro&rights; backer. A thin woven wire is placed internally that runs the full length of the strap insuring full delivery of frequencies. The Velcro&rights; system allows for quick attachment as well as release of the strap.

We have a convenient magnetic metal connector that swivels and facilitates attachment to the limb wires. No metal ever touches the clients' skin (or hair if you are an animal). It also acts as a "Quick Release" in the event of a pulling or tugging.

Limb Wires Predicament:

Conventional limb wires have no "Break Away" feature. If your client needs a "Break", you will have no choice but to have unstrapped them, only to have to get them restrapped when they return. If a client or an animal accidentally tugged on the wires; down went your SCIO!

Limb Wires Solution:

BioTrode™ Limb Wires have the convenient magnetic metal connector that swivels and facilitates attachment to the limb straps. One effortless tug and POOF you have unhooked your client. It's as easy as one-two-three. The magnetic connectors do hold firm when you are not intending to unhook. High quality wire insures superb energy flow.

Well we could go on and on... Like: check out all of the other first-rate products we have mustered up for you. Or, "Gee aren't we swell"? But hey now, just take a look through the website and see for yourself.

And don't forget to keep coming back because we are continually brain-storming, engineering and messing with new ideas to keep you forever "hooked" on us.

Just ask Don... If all else fails, ask Joni
Don  Joni

About Us

It was in 2008 that we decided to build a better mousetrap, so to speak, for a Biofeedback Head & Limb Harness that would work better than the current one we had for use with our Biofeedback devices. Don is the engineer and the master mind who figured out a better material and construction. It is a better system than the conventional sets that came with the original device. The conductivity of the rubber electrodes is superlative in comparison, combined with the unique ability to unsnap the limb straps from the limb wires. Connecting with the device is most important.


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