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Autistic Child:

Sunday afternoon I collected my 'Virtual Office' (which consists of SCIO, BioMat, LED Laser Lightoolz, Q2 Ion Spa and SCENAR) for a house call with a young client who is Autistic. His parents often utilize the other tools for themselves while I conduct a session on their son.

This 7 year old is a clever little fellah, knows what is going on around him, very sharp (for example the Stonehenge desktop picture on my laptop computer he has always called *Temple!*),  he has keen hearing but does not acknowledge he listens very well, seldom expressive but has made great strides in communicating specific needs and wants. 

One day after session he stopped me, pulled me down to his level, grasped my beard and looking deep into my eyes he said *I'm so happy!* We all gasped as this was the first time he had every identified himself, expressing an emotion while commutating a focused thought, all at the same time! Whew, very humbling.

Usually it is quite difficult to get him to use the full harness as he is so sensitive to the environment, does not enjoy being restricted in any fashion, often hyperactive, hyper-vigilant and boisterous. It is not always easy to get Calibration and as for the rest of session it is usually visual/auditory/ subspace. Not easy.

This Sunday session was very different in that I brought the SCIO harness set by BioTrodeTech which I usually leave at the office and after setting up in the usual way (he enjoys the Butterfly on Calibration a lot!) he was watching me connect the harness up and laying it out as I normally do, like it would be if he were wearing it. This time when Dad showed him what to do he grabbed one of the straps and put it on his arm and showed Dad he wanted it ON him. So with Dad on one side of him and me on the other, he insisted on putting each element on, wearing the whole set properly with the HEAD HARNESS included!! He knows which color goes on which limb.  He sidled up, sat back and waited for Calibration. For the next 45 minutes he sat unusually still and contented, very comfortable and calm, occasionally asking for pretzels or for his Mom or Dad to change the channel on the living room television.

He watches the Clasp32 screens and likes to hear Prof. Nelson say EXCELLENT! too. At one point he moved to a new position and the quick-release magnet on a limb harness disconnected. He grasped the wire and replaced it on the strap himself.  I could feel him jump slightly when a new training program started up, but all in all he was so exceedingly cooperative the parents called his Grandmother to come and see this. She pulled out her camera and started taking pictures.  He just grinned and continued to sit there quite chuffed with himself and the whole event. BTW, VARHOPE ended up 99-101-101-101- 101-68-72

The main point of all this is to illustrate how agreeable the BioTrodeTech harness set is even to someone of exceptional sensitivity. I prefer it far and above the original harness set received with the device. This quality should become the standard by which all other equipment shipped by Maitreya Kft. should be judged IMHO.  It is lightweight, well crafted, most robust, easy to clean and very effective.

I talked with Joni on Monday and told her how impressed all my clients are with this new harness set.  Since we have started using it most clients have expressed seeing, tasting and/or feeling the Quantum Biofeedback training patterns where previously (with the manufacturers harness) few mentioned detecting any electrical reactivity whatsoever.

One lady*s digestive system began to unwind itself, growling and gurgling along during relaxation training sections of the session, most comical and entertaining! I told her it was almost like it was trying to SPEAK!!! All this on Normal power mind you, not Double and certainly never on MAX.

So while you are updating your device an impressive improvement I recommend is this Human Harness set.
Best hopes as always,
Kevin August 2009

Silver Lining Face Veil:
Here is my testimonial on the veil.
I used the veil for a complete face line/wrinkles application in addition
to some silver/gel water and the results  came out very nicely. What I
liked about it was I could do it in one application versus the quantum
caress kit which has the tedious roller application. It is extremely soft
and pliable and with the use of some clips it can be used for pain
reduction which I did on clients a lot of times. Really love the product.
The people at Biotrode tech are really amiable, and courteous and
extremely helpful in advising what you need. Their products are of top
notch quality and superior to what I was used to. I am very happy to know a company that
supplies me with such great products
Erika August 2009

Quick Release Limb Straps:

I would be happy to give you a testimonial!  I purchased a harness from you and I love it.  My last set of straps broke because a child some how sat on one of the wires and then moved his arm.  He felt bad, his parent felt bad, and boy did I feel bad. 

I am sure this harness is going to last much longer because now when the children, and the adults, pull too hard on the wires I have a break-away feature.

For anyone that does not know, this harness set up has the wires and the straps connected with a magnet.  I can not believe how many times, and how many clients, have already accidentally disconnected the wire and the strap.  I now realize what a beating my old straps were taking.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

Sharon August 2009

Head Harness:
I have been using a SCIO for the last 3 years with the standard harness system and was always happy with the results. Just recently a friend let me use a BioTrode harness and wow, I could immediately feel the difference! It was as if the power settings where turned up but the power was on normal. I respect freedom of choice but believe the BioTrode harness should be standard equipment on the SCIO system, Keep up the good work!
Tim August 2009

Limb Strap Question:
Do you have some instructions for how to attach the Velcro Limb Straps?  I think we need a diagram!  I don't know if velcro side touches the skin, but it seems like the smooth side should, but I can't figure out how to get the thing to stay put....

Does the metal disk need to touch the skin??

The rubber side goes against the skin.

Start with the end that does not have the magnet. Wrap around and you may be able to wrap twice, overlapping, which will give you more skin contact. Then the small Velcro tab at the other end simply attaches to the soft Velcro® and you are strapped up.

Next, attach the magnets on the wire (color coded) to the magnet on the strap.

No metal is ever to touch the skin in order to prevent EMF burns.

These instructions are PERFECT!  I didn't see this on your website, but I might not have looked in the right place. I think if this was typed on a slip in with the packing papers, it would be wonderful :) Oh these are so much more comfy than the regular ones that come with the device!  They feel much more secure and I love that they unsnap for the dreaded bathroom break....
Lisa January 2009

Hi Joni,
I have really been enjoying my pet pad! My cousin has a new little puppy, Bon-Bon, who has been sickly since she got him. The vet identified his sickness as low blood sugar problems and parasite infestation. The poor little guy was in bad shape! But after one session on the pet pad, we saw a huge improvement in his energy and he began to eat again. I saw him 2 more times after this, and worked alot on parasites and hypoglycemia. The next time Bon Bon went in for a checkup, the vet admitted that she didn't know if he would make it through the weekend, and was amazed that he now seemed parasite free! And you should see him now- he went from a tiny, weak, sleepy puppy, to a bigger, high-energy, feisty boy! So that's my first real success story! I've also balanced my cat a few times, and he loves it. I've noticed an increase in his energy levels as well. You and Don are offering some awesome products. As you can tell, I'm really happy with my pet pad. When I get the funds, I'll be contacting you for more accessories.
I was wondering if you've had any experience with the anti-smoking program using biofeedback? I remember Marion mentioning it, saying it works wonderfully. I contacted Quantum about it, but the person I talked to was unfamiliar with it, and was supposed to get back to me (which never happened). Have you ever worked with it, or do you have any ideas of who I could contact to get some information on this?
Hope all is well with you. Tell Don I said "Hi." Look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance.
Thanks so much,
T.T. Tenn

Hi Joni,
Thank you so very much for the update and also for the repair and tune-up of the straps.
I do take good care of my harness as I really appreciate how superior it is to my former harness and how important it is to the success of my work with my clients. Ninety-five percent of all of my sessions are on harness and I have had clients tell me how much they "feel" the difference on this harness. It's great to know I will have many many more hours of successful work ahead when my harness arrives.

Thank you for standing by your product and offering such excellent customer service. It is such a joy to work with a company who values their own product and their customers.

Wishing you a great day.


C.A. Lake Balboa, CA

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It was in 2008 that we decided to build a better mousetrap, so to speak, for a Biofeedback Head & Limb Harness that would work better than the current one we had for use with our Biofeedback devices. Don is the engineer and the master mind who figured out a better material and construction. It is a better system than the conventional sets that came with the original device. The conductivity of the rubber electrodes is superlative in comparison, combined with the unique ability to unsnap the limb straps from the limb wires. Connecting with the device is most important.


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