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Meridian Pad MP13


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Our meridian pads are 3” x 8” for optimal coverage to small areas or meridians via the point probe port. These convenient pads easily slip under your clients garments for essential privacy. Highly conductive BioTrode™ Rubber electrode lies against the skin and the “Quick Release” connect/disconnect magnetic clasps never touches the skin so you have no metal touching your client! An internal woven wire runs the full length maintaining balance throughout the entire electrode for a more balanced and consistent surface area performance. The “Quick Release” connect/disconnect magnetic clasps provide breakaway security from the universal point probe wire connector. NOTE: This little wonder is especially fantastic while working in the “Body and Face Scan” matrix as well as others. Be creative while using our Meridian Pad.


  • Model: MP13
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  • Manufactured by: BioTrode Technologies
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  • Category: Animal Products
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