iNDIGO Copper Plate ICP

We can mount a 4” x 4” Copper Test Tray on any Indigo.

Q: In your last visit to Mexico City during tue training you comented that the Indigo Plate does not transmit (don't know how to say it) only in the circle in the i. And that we need to use something with metal in order to charge water or something else.
Can you please explain to me how to do this? And if I understood you correctly?

A: yes, whatever touches the Indigo plate should be on the white area of the tray so that it receives the conductivity; the blue area is anodyzed and non conductive. You can make this area of conductivity larger by placing another metal, such as a surgical steel or copper plate, over the entire tray (touching the white) to increase the area of transmission.


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  • Model: ICP
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  • Manufactured by: BioTrode Technologies

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It was in 2008 that we decided to build a better mousetrap, so to speak, for a Biofeedback Head & Limb Harness that would work better than the current one we had for use with our Biofeedback devices. Don is the engineer and the master mind who figured out a better material and construction. It is a better system than the conventional sets that came with the original device. The conductivity of the rubber electrodes is superlative in comparison, combined with the unique ability to unsnap the limb straps from the limb wires. Connecting with the device is most important.


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