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Male Prostate Pad MP18


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Made of Highly Conductive Oil-Resistant BioTrode™ Rubber we didn’t want to leave this one out. This unit provides greater localized coverage for the prostate. And if you never noticed that little button hidden amongst skin rejuvenation in Body Scan and Face Viewer, called: “Penis Enlarger”, we can assure you it works! Each pad is intended for singular use per client only. NOTE: Prostate Pad should be placed by client only. This product requires our “QUICK RELEASE” UNIVERSAL POINT PROBE WIRE CONNECTOR 8'or 15'.


  • Model: MP18
  • Product is [Available] with 19 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: BioTrode Technologies
  • Products Current Price: $75
  • Products Normal Price: $75
  • Condition: New
  • Category: SCIO Harness and Accessories
  • Available at: BioTrode™ Technologies Store
  • Payments Accepted: PayPal