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Tesla Cage Hood TCH


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NEW Privacy Tesla Cage Hood with no open face
Large surface area of EMF protection coverage of the head and neck. Easy to see out and unrestricted breathing. Great for air travel, no one can see you but you can see them. Silver has great anti-microbial and bacterial benefits. All hoods are lined with 99% coated Silver Shield fabric on one side and mesh on the other. TESLA EMF Hood Protection for stress reduction (silver side inside) or turn it inside out (silver side out) for EMF Protection. Silver Lined Hood works with SCIO Eternale Indigo and many other energy devices using MC8 8’ Accessory Wire. Limited custom colors available. Be one of the first to utilize this hood.


  • Model: TCH
  • Product is [Available] with 24 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: BioTrode Technologies
  • Products Current Price: $120
  • Products Normal Price: $120
  • Condition: New
  • Category: Silver Shield Products
  • Available at: BioTrode™ Technologies Store
  • Payments Accepted: PayPal